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Portuguese Business Council, Abu Dhabi

Based in Abu Dhabi, PBC - Portuguese Business Council MEA offers expert consulting services. Our team helps you achieve your business goals and maximize success. Trust us for all your business consulting needs.

About Us

The Portuguese Business Council in Abu Dhabi connects businesses in Portugal and the UAE. We're a non-profit platform promoting cultural, business, and investment activities.

  • Connect members to key decision-makers in Portugal and the UAE.
  • Assist member companies in both nations in finding partners.
  • Foster cultural exchange and business opportunities.
  • Strengthen ties between Portugal and the UAE.

Our Services

The Portuguese Business Council in Abu Dhabi (PBC) serves as a vital connection to promising opportunities in the markets of Portugal and the United Arab Emirates. We provide a wide range of essential and supplementary services to support the growth of Portuguese and UAE businesses within this flourishing bilateral environment.

Our dedicated team, comprising executive members, honorary members, and strategic partners, delivers high-quality, personalised support to our members, drawing from their wealth of experience and commitment.

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Distinguished Members

Each Focus Area is led by two Board Members – one from the UAE and one from Portugal. They work closely with the PBC Executive Committee and Members to create real value for businesses from both countries. Their expertise offers valuable insights into market trends, regulations, and cultural differences, helping you make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of business in the region. Whether you want to start a new venture, expand existing operations, or form strategic partnerships, the PBC team is committed to helping you succeed. With our combined knowledge, we aim to help businesses thrive in the dynamic markets of Portugal and the Middle East.


The Importance of
Economic Diplomacy

Economic diplomacy is vital for nations and businesses to thrive in today's rapidly changing global landscape.
Business councils play a crucial role in fostering economic diplomacy by building bridges between countries, facilitating trade and investment, and promoting cross-cultural understanding.
Business councils leverage their networks and expertise to help companies navigate complex international markets, identify new opportunities, and mitigate risks.
In an era of technological disruption, they also play a key role in facilitating knowledge transfer and promoting innovation, driving sustainable economic growth for all stakeholders.

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