Portuguese Business Council,
Abu Dhabi

The Portuguese Business Council in Abu Dhabi provides unparalleled access to senior decision-makers in business and government to deepen bilateral cultural, trade and investment projects, expand opportunities for Portuguese and Emirati businesses and strengthen the ties between these two exceptional nations.

The Portuguese Business Council, in Abu Dhabi, is a non-profit, business-related platform dedicated to promoting cultural, business and investment activities between Portugal and UAE. We are registered under the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and working in close cooperation with AICEP Portugal Global - Trade & Investment Agency and the Portuguese Embassy in Abu Dhabi

The membership-based council is not just a platform, it's a high-value, knowledge-based business and professionals networking platform. It's a place where connections are made, ideas are shared, and opportunities for professional growth are created.

The primary objectives of the
Portuguese Business Council are to

Provide members access and networking opportunities with senior Portuguese and Emirati officials, government bodies and government-linked entities.

Assist member companies and organisations in Portugal and the UAE to connect with their counterparts.

Promote Portuguese and Emirati cultural exchanges and business opportunities.

Build and develop stronger ties and understanding between Portugal and the UAE.

Focus Areas

Join the Portuguese Business Council's community of professionals and entrepreneurs in:

  • Green Energy & Sustainable Growth
  • Healthcare & Wellness
  • Mobility (Urban & Air)
  • Tourism & Sports
  • Education & Culture
  • Industry & Advanced Manufacturing
  • Innovation, Future Tech, and the 4th Industrial Revolutio

Network with industry leaders, gain valuable insights and expand your business horizons. 

Each Focus Area has two experts as Board Members (Emirati and Portuguese leaders on the field) who’ll support the PBC Executive Committee and Members driving change and creating value for Portuguese and Emirati businesses

President Message 

The Portuguese Business Council aims to promote and develop Portuguese cultural and business interests in the UAE and vice-versa.  
We proudly support our members by creating opportunities to connect to an economic and cultural ecosystem, boosting business to reach and serve both marketplaces and accelerating businesses & investments to grow and expand in Portugal and the Middle East. 
Grounded on economic sectors with a global range and with sustainability (of cultural traditions, business operations and of our planet) in our DNA, we aim to act as pivotal stakeholders on this topic, operating under the umbrella of the triple helix model of innovation, assuming a real partnership between the private sector, government and academia. 
PBC projects will prioritize system solution frameworks that tackle global challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, human longevity, digital transformation, waste, and pollution. 
Through a series of initiatives, we aim to build knowledge and excellence and co-create with our members and share our knowledge, support and networks. 
We look forward to welcoming our members to this journey.

Pedro Rodrigues

Our values


We cultivate strong partnerships between Portuguese and Emirati organisations, including their diasporas, to promote mutual growth and significant outcomes for both communities.


We are committed to upholding the highest standards in everything we do, from selecting our partners to delivering our services and ensuring our members achieve their business goals.


We embrace new ideas and technologies, applying innovation across the entire value chain of organisations and their relationships to support sustainable growth and development..


We maintain transparency, honesty, and respect for all individuals and institutions in every interaction, building trust with our members and partners through the rigorous fulfilment of all agreements.


We invest in individuals with strong intrinsic soft skills, such as compassion, humility, and empathy, while fostering continuous learning and development of hard skills. We promote a culture of solid and unwavering values.


We embrace change and actively seek new solutions to remain at the forefront of our field. We recognize the power of collaboration across borders and strive to maximize the benefits of globalization achieved in recent years.


Our mission is to establish connections between Portuguese and Emirati businesses, promoting cultural exchange and catalyzing investment to broaden business prospects in both regions. We offer strategic planning, market analysis, networking opportunities, expert advisory services, and assistance in building partnerships. Additionally, we provide access to senior decision-makers and support growth in key sectors such as green energy, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing.